Design and Development

Development and design of B2B marketing websites, B2C brand independent stations (Shopify, Magento, OpenCart, etc.), customized websites, etc.

B2B Marketing Services

Provide customers with cross-platform integrated marketing solutions through Google, Facebook and other platforms to help customers directly acquire potential customers.

B2C Marketing Services

Provide customers with "cross-platform joint sales, cross-platform joint marketing and cross-platform resource sharing" consulting services through various marketing platforms, sales platforms, and service platforms.

Project Operation Consulting Service

We provide one-to-one B2B/B2C project on-site tracking guidance, and provide customized solutions and services for your projects.

Technical Support

Provide customers with technical support for website construction/maintenance, Ads, SEO, design, video/film and so on.

Video and Film

Film and television post-production special effects, promotional film shooting and production, advertising shooting and production, and MG animation.

Our Client

The customers we cooperate with cover many industries such as beauty, retail, wholesale, machinery manufacturing, catering, etc., involving wigs, false eyelashes, machinery and equipment, food, pet supplies, furniture, gifts, packaging and many other products.

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